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Lufthansa City Center

Telephone: +98 21 / 22181000
+98 21 / 22409519

No. 39, Moghaddas Ardebili St., Zaferanieh,
19868-13911 Tehran

Amir Lufthansa City center Palladium Mall Pick up Point

At the end of Year 2014 , The Palladium Luxurious Mall in Zaferanieh , North of Tehran is opened and started to work.
observing the heavy potential of the luxurious and wealthy customers by Mr. Hamid Miran, CEO of amir travel Agency , made him decide to Develop the advertising and information booth and also the pickup point
For the Amir LCC local customers in there, So with gathering the certifications and organizing the basic elements , the Amir LCC pickup point and information kiosk was developed and ready for operation at January 2015.
It designed and developed with Idesign Company ,One of the 3 companies of Amir Holding Group Owned by Mr. Miran , Idesign interior designing Company ,Amir Travel Agency and P&H Immigration consultant company
Approx. 150 Persons as the corporate and important Guests like the CEO of LUFTHANSA IRAN and the Sales Manager of LH IRAN were invited for the opening ceremony
The ceremony was arranged at January 17th 2015, in the Palladium Mall beside the Amir LCC information counter,
The host of the Ceremony Was one of the famous TV Hosts in IRAN Named: Mahmoud Shahriari
The Ceremony Started with Mr. Shahriari Lecture about new year 2015 and characteristics of Amir Travel Agency 50 years of experience and also the highlights of Palladium Mall
continued with the Lecture of Mr. Hasan Raftari ( Owner of Pldm Mall) and also the Mr. Shaher Murad’s expressive lecture with accompany of Mr. Abolhasanpour as Interpreter and also
The orator, the event continued with cutting the Amir LCC opening rope and inaugurate the Booth and performing the lottery draw with the gifts like Iphone 6, mini Ipad, Samsung Galaxy S4, THR-FRA-THR LH Ticket, Dubai Tour and …
The guests filled the lottery tickets during the ceremony and put them to the bubble glass and the tickets were draw by the Mr. Murad, Mrs. Raftari , Mrs. Miran (member of the board) and Mrs. Razavi, the COO of Idesign.
The guests were dining out with finger foods, beverages and fresh fruit juices during the ceremony and were gifted each by each with cakes marked with Amir Lufthansa City Center and Persian New year Calendar with Amir LCC title and … packed in Amir LCC Shopping Bags at the end of the event.
The Event lasted 3 Hours from 5:00 Pm to 8:00 Pm.
Plenty of Flowers and Floral Baskets received from Customers and Guests.
Very Positive feedbacks received and a Heavy potential of new customers were reached via this booth until now
The Amir LCC information Kiosk is the very Expensive, risky Decision that The Talented CEO makes and shows its benefit in this time. No other LCC or Travel Agency did this kind of development in IRAN until now and this is the key feature of Amir LCC Succeed.
It is the Win-Win decision for Customers, Amir Travel Agency and also for Amir Lufthansa City Center to offer itself in a vast Luxurious Situation.
We as a Amir Lufthansa City Center Believe that our business will grow up every day by continuing to advertise in this level and introducing Amir LCC Brand to the Luxurious customers

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